Posted on December 10, 2015

Eight Days of [LED] Lights

The holidays are here and the team at PowerSecure Lighting is a big fan of the holiday season. Beyond all of the fun aspects that come with the holidays, we love the fact that the major holidays, Hanukhah and Christmas have traditions that center around some facet of lighting. Hanukah, or the Festival of Lights, kicked off the season this year - having began Sunday, December 6 and ending next week, Monday, December 14. 

Last year we posted a blog introducing you to Lucas Emmett Dinapoli (LED) in celebration of Christmas. This year we thought, in honor of the eight days of Hannukah, we would present you with an LED product for each day of celebration! Mozel Tav!

1.  Fixed and Adjustable Downlights

Solais' Fixed and Adjustable Downlights feature the most possible versatility with the easiest of installation process. Our downlights feature our X-Changeable module technology allowing you to order your housing for installion before you have to even think about what CCT, lumen output or beam spread you want! Available fixed or adjustable; square or round; 3-in., 4-in. or 6-in.; trimmed or trimless, your possibilites are endless! 


2.  Linear Lights


The EfficientLights Bi-pin and Surface Mount linear fixtures feature a low-profile design, ideal for use in shelf, canopy, valance, cove, under cabinet, accent and display case applications. Rated for damp locations and NSF certified, they are a great option for supermarket applications. 




3.  Xd Trackheads

The Solais Xd Trackheads feature actively cooled fixtures, excelling in high-performance lighting applications that demand the lumen output, center beam and color rendering needed in high-end retail and commercial applications. To push the technology further, the Xd20, Xd24 and Xd30 are availlable with our exclusive VioLight technology!


4. Fully and Semi Recessed Multiples

The Solais Fully and Semi Recessed Multiples designed for new construction installations are a customizable line including our exclusive X-Changeable modules. These adjustable accent fixtures excel in high-performance lighting applications that demand lumen output, center beam candle power and color rendering needed in high-end retail and commercial applications.



5.  SecureLite Area Light

The EnergyLight SecureLite is an area light that is a long lasting, low maintenance, highly efficient replacement for existing 100/150/175W HPS, MH and MV security lights and street lighting utilizing an all-aluminum housing for maximum heat transfer and durability. The fixture has a rugged construction with tool-less entry. Field upgradable and repairable. Keep your eyes open for the release of our 2nd Generation SecureLite!



6.  Reach-in Fridge/Freezer Fixture


The EfficientLights Reach-In Freezer LED Fixture was developed with superior optics to provide optimized photometric distribution and excellent color where the light is evenly distributed and focused on the product. This results in better looking merchandise while using substantially less energy and reducing maintenance costs.


7.  4-Degree Very Narrow Spot

This Solais LED PAR38 Very Narrow Spot (VNSP) lamp replacement has the highest Center Beam Candle Power (55,000 CBCP) and narrowest beam spread of any replacement LED lamp on the market. With the light weight and full dimming capabilities of halogen incandescent sources, it is the perfect solution for commercial, museum, retail and hospitality applications. Read more about what the Smithsonian is doing with this product!


7.  Replacement Lamps

The Solais LR Active Replacement Lamps have the high light output, light weight and full dimming capabilities of halogen incandescent sources – resulting in a high-performance product perfect for commercial, museum, retail and hospitality applications. The LRP Passive Replacement Lamps offers a unique solution for traditional lighting sources – providing the incandescent performance, light output and aesthetics with our recessed OPTICS2 patent-pending technology.


Happy Hanukkah!

About PowerSecure Lighting: PowerSecure Lighting designs and manufactures the lighting industry's highest-performing LED lamps and fixtures. With superior lumen output, center-beam candlepower, and overall aesthetics and performance, PowerSecure Lighting's LED products enhance the retail, supermarket, commercial, museum and hospitality environments of the world's leading brands. PowerSecure Lighting relentlessly pushes the innovation envelope to create products that replace traditional lighting technologies with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance. To learn more about PowerSecure Lighting, visit us in person in Stamford, Connecticut, or online at

Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
The XC3, XC5 and XC7 modular cylinders come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. The WW asymmetrical track wall wash fixtures come in two sizes. Yoke mount versions are coming soon!